• How do I know it's safe to submit my credit card number? If you choose to pay by credit card, you will immediately enter a secured area of our website (and a little key, lock, or chain icon will appear on your browser's status bar). Once in the secured location, any information that you enter will be encrypted using Verisign, and then processed electronically by Codale Electric. All credit cards go through an AVS check. This checks the billing address of the credit card against the billing address on file at the issuing bank.
  • Can I submit my credit card information over the phone instead? Yes, if you would rather exchange your credit card information over the phone, you can simply contact one of our representatives at (855) 653-7240, and they'll be sure to take care of you.
  • Will Codale Electric sell my name and address to other companies? No, it is against our privacy policy to sell any of your important information, as well as against our moral code. Any information that you provide us with will be used strictly for processing orders, providing you with support, and assisting in the resolution or diagnosis of your system questions or problems.


  • What methods of payment does Codale Electric accept? If you are a local customer to one of our distribution or showroom locations, you can pick up your items or have them shipped to you and pay for them at that time, but if you are making an order online, your payment options include check, money order, or credit card. The credit cards that we currently accept are Visa, MasterCard, and American Express.
  • Can I order items that are not found on Codale Electric's website? Yes! If you see an item on another electrical supply distributor's website, catalog, or anywhere else, we will try our best to get it to you. Please contact us with any inquiries.
  • Does Codale Electric process Tax Exempt orders? Yes! In order to do so, just place the order normally (as if you were paying tax), but when you get to the Shipping Information page, simply type "TAX EXEMPT" into the shipping instructions. Fax a copy of your current Tax Certificate to (801) 977-8833 and we will fax you an updated invoice. For more information on your tax exempt order, call us at (855) 653-7240 or shoot us an email at

Account Tools

  • Is there an easy way to make a purchase if I know exactly what I want? Yes, there is! We know that as one of the top electrical supply distributors, we have an extensive inventory. If you don't want to browse through each category, you could easily put the name of what you're looking for into the search bar, or - for an even quicker method - you can use our Quick Order Pad.
  • How do I use the Quick Order Pad? After going to this link, you can simply enter the product numbers of the supplies you would like to purchase, along with the quantity, and they will be automatically placed into your shopping cart. If multiple matches are found, they will be displayed for you to compare and make further selection.
  • How do I start a new project? If you are interested in starting a new project, there are two options. You could fill out our Project Information Sheet online, or download the PDF version, print it, fill it out, and fax it to (801) 977-9021. To speed up the process, please fill out every section of the form. If you need assistance, you can contact Brittany Johnson at
  • Can I check my order status and history? Yes! All you have to do is login to your account, and you'll have tools to do both.


  • How fast can Codale Electric get my order to me? We want to help you get your job done fast, not leave you twiddling your thumbs as you wait for your shipment to arrive. As electrical supply distributors, we work fast, and oftentimes we'll get your order shipped on the same day they are posted in our warehouse.
  • What about if the item was on back order? We aim to get back ordered products shipped to our customer within 24 hours of their availability.
  • What about custom orders or larger items? For custom orders, arrival may take a bit longer, but we will notify you on the estimated time of delivery and update you every step of the way. If your purchase is over 150lbs, it may exceed the size limits set by UPS and FedEX, meaning that they'll need to be shipped via truck line delivery.
  • If my purchase is shipped using truck line delivery, are there any extra fees? The truck line companies that we use vary depending on location and destination, and while some of these companies may change extra fees, each one has their own policy. In the case that there is an extra fee, you will be billed after the delivery is made.
  • Is there a chance that Codale Electric will change my shipping method or carrier? We try to stock every item that we list on our website, but as one of the forefront electrical supply distributors, sometimes products go fast, or they are listed though we only plan on carrying them in the future. To make sure that your order is fulfilled and carried out in a reasonable amount of time, we may change the carrier or shipping method that you chose.
  • What happens if my order is lost or damaged? It is rare for an order to be lost or damaged when in the hands of our experienced parcel prep team, but if your purchase does get misplaced during delivery, Codale Electric will run a quick trace on the package. If it is lost, we will immediately send a replacement, and if it turns up damaged, report the situation to us immediately and we will correct matters to your satisfaction.


  • What is Codale Electric's return policy? We accept returns up to 30 days after the day you receive your order. To start the process, simply contact us to obtain return authorization and we will supply you with further instructions. In order to be authorized for return, the products must still be in brand new condition, and in the original packaging—items that are unpackaged, damaged, or were special order products may not be accepted for return. All returns are subject to inspection to get finalized approval.
  • If the return is accepted, are there any extra fees? Restocking fees may apply, but it depends on the product. To find out about your situation specifically, please contact us as soon as possible.

For any additional questions about our role as electrical supply distributors, feel free to contact our representatives at (800) 300-6634.