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Leviton is the leading manufacturer of Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters (GFCIs) in the electrical industry. Our renowned SmartlockPro brand offers a wide variety of Spec Grade and Hospital Grade GFCIs to protect people from electrical shock in homes, offices hospitals, schools and outdoors. Built with a patented reset lockout feature that blocks the Reset button if GFCI protection has been compromised, the GFCIs meet the latest NEC and UL requirements. You'll find smart choices for every need, including tamper-resistant, weather-resistant, hospital grade, GFCI/switch or GFCI/guide light and pilot light combinations, as well as easy-install slim versions and time-saving Lev-Lok GFCIs. SmartlockPro GFCI protection teams with an LED guide light for safety in the dark. This combination is ideal for installation in home and hotel bathrooms. A photo sensor turns the energy-efficient, long-life LED ON and OFF.

Catalog No: 7599-E
Codale Item No : 3157912
UPC: 07847730616

features and benefits

  • Automatically test the GFCI every time the RESET button is pushed in. The GFCI will not reset if the GFCI circuit is not functioning properly.
  • By blocking reset of the GFCI if protection has been compromised, SmartLockPRO reduces the possibility of end-users incorrectly assuming that a reset GFCI outlet is providing ground fault protection when it actually is not.
  • A line-load reversal diagnostic feature is provided which prevents the GFCI from being reset and stops power from being fed to the GFCI receptacle face or through to downstream devices. A green LED indicator on the GFCI's face also illuminates to alert the installer to the line-load wiring reversal.
  • The trip latch mechanism in SmartLockPro GFCIs is a one piece "T" design for efficient operation.
  • There are 4 sets of contacts for load terminals and face. SmartLockPRO GFCIs use a patented bifurcated bridge contact for efficient operation.
  • Trip threshold meets or exceeds UL requirements for tripping time.
  • Improved immunity to high-frequency noise reduces nuisance tripping.
  • Advanced electronics design provides superior resistance to electrical surges and over-voltages.
  • Expanded wiring options with nine back-wire holes. Two for each line and load connection plus one for ground with an internal clamp.
  • Silver alloy contacts.
  • Compatible with all Decora devices and wallplates; available in select Decora colors.


AC Horsepower Ratings

  • At Rated Voltage: 1 HP

Electrical Specifications

  • Dielectric Voltage: Withstands 2000V per UL498
  • Short Circuit Current Rating: 10KA
  • Temperature Rise: Max 30C after 100 cycles OL at 150 percent rated current

Environmental Specifications

  • Flammability: Rated V-2 per UL94
  • Operating Temperature: -35C-+66C

Material Specifications

  • Face Material: Thermoplastic Nylon
  • Body Material: Polycarbonate
  • Line Contacts: Brass Double-Wipe .031 Thick
  • Terminal Screws: Plated Steel
  • Grounding Screw: Plated Steel
  • Yoke: Zinc-Plated Steel
  • Clamp Nuts: Zinc-Plated Steel
  • Notes: w/ Wallplate

Mechanical Specifications

  • Terminal ID: Brass-Hot, Green-Ground, Silver-Neutral
  • Terminal Accom.: 14-10 AWG
  • Product ID: Ratings are permanently marked on device

Product Features

  • Feature: SmartLock, Buttons Match Face Color
  • Amperage: 15 Amp
  • Voltage: 125 Volt
  • NEMA: 5-15R
  • Pole: 2
  • Trip Level: Class A, 5mA plus or minus 1mA
  • Wire: 3
  • Termination: Back & Side
  • Face Material: Thermoplastic Nylon
  • Body Material: Polycarbonate
  • Strap Material: Steel
  • Color: Black
  • Standards and Certifications: UL/CSA
  • Warranty: 2-Year Limited
  • Grounding: GFCI Ground Fault Cir Interrupting
  • Notes: w/ Wallplate

Standards and Certifications

  • NEMA: WD-6
  • ANSI: C-73
  • UL498: File E13399
  • CSA C22.2 No. 42: File LR-57811
  • NOM: 057
  • UL 943: File E48380


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