The casino market is a very unique and demanding market, and one which Codale is uniquely positioned to serve. Located less than two miles from the Las Vegas strip is our 85,000-sq. ft. state-of-the-art facility, which houses the city’s only lighting lab, where you can experience first-hand the latest in lighting and lamp technologies and offerings. We have the expertise to guide you in making the correct choice in lamps or light fixtures the first time in this rapidly changing market. We carry all the latest lighting technologies and can recommend those that will perform the best for your unique application. We are the energy-saving experts and can source all of your lighting and lamp needs.


From lighting solutions for the parking lot, building exterior and interior spaces, to everything from water features to exits, Codale can supply your total lighting requirements!

Energy Saving Lamps

We can all contribute to saving energy and reducing greenhouse gases through the use of energy-saving lamps. Over the past ten years there have been numerous new lamp technologies introduced, including compact fluorescent, cold cathode, ceramic HID, QL induction systems and LED. These different technologies allow everyone to do their part in saving energy! With over three-quarters of a million dollars of lamps in inventory, Codale not only has the largest inventory of these products in the Intermountain West, but we offer the expertise to guide you through switching to these more energy-efficient lamps.


One of the fastest growing and most specialized markets is the healthcare industry. Codale Electric Supply has the expertise and products to serve this critical market segment. Whether an update of an existing office or clinic, or the construction of a new hospital, we have your solution.


Hotels, reception centers, entertainment venues, resorts, visitors centers, clubs, restaurants, bars or casinos—Codale can supply your electrical needs for new construction or remodeling.


Requirements for industrial lighting vary from interior, exterior, hazards, wet locations, marine, power plants, mining, and beyond. Codale has provided materials to this industry for more than 33 years.

LED Lamps & Lighting

The newest and perhaps fastest growing segment of the lighting industry is the Light Emitting Diode (LED). Solid state technology is rapidly changing the lighting industry, and with this change comes opportunities to redefine how we create and control light. In addition to saving energy, LEDs offer the unprecedented ability to control light, both in intensity and color, and to create dynamic effects. The miniature size and flexibility of LEDs also enable luminaire sizes and form factors that are not possible with conventional sources. In addition, when properly designed, solid state systems offer the promise of extremely long life. LED lamps and light fixtures provide energy savings, long lamp life, and less heat.

Codale recognized and embraced early on the value of this new source of lighting. Not only can we provide you with these new products, but we can show you the results in our new world-class headquarters facility and lighting lab, shown at left.

Property Management

Codale Electric Supply can assist in your property management efforts by providing energy audits and new energy-efficient technologies and products, including lamps, ballasts, and lighting controls.We can provide valuable expertise when it comes to solving your most challenging lighting issues. We can help lower your total cost of operation significantly, and improve your properties aesthetically while we’re at it!


Codale has a lighting specialist group with more than 100 years of combined experience in commercial, hospitality, industrial, residential, retail, roadway and sport lighting. We can provide help in all facets of your lighting needs.

Codale provides a vast range of lighting solutions to match your every need. Our industry-leading brands offer a vast range of quality lighting products that allow you to approach each project from a multitude of perspectives using a variety of concepts. Codale can assist you with your project from design to finished product. We can help blend different lighting and lighting control combinations to create the atmosphere and effects you desire. 

  • Recessed lighting is a central component of interior lighting. It allows you to create a special atmosphere, provide shape to a room, and bring your furnishings to life. Blending into the background, recessed lighting systems focus the eye on the objects you are lighting. Recessed lighting techniques include down lighting, accent lighting and wall washing.
  • Surface lighting provides accent to the design and character to your home or business environment. Codale’s surface lighting options include a variety of styles of sconces, pendants and track lighting.
  • Decorative lighting allows you to make a statement about your personal tastes while providing illumination in the space. With literally thousands of fixtures to choose from, we can assist in providing the perfect accent to your décor.