Utah homeowners earn an incentive from Rocky Mountain Power for adding a safe, long- lasting sonnen battery.

Introducing the Wattsmart Battery Program from Rocky Mountain Power that allows qualified customers to access special benefits when they install a sonnen battery and enable dispatching of the stored energy. This innovative program is intended to help solve some of today’s challenges while also setting the foundation to evolve with technology in the transition to a more sustainable energy future.

Wattsmart Battery Program Customer Benefits:

•   An upfront  incentive to install and enroll a new battery

•   Access to use solar and provide safe backup power during outages

•   Ongoing electricity bill credits  for participation

•   Electricity prices that stay among the nation's lowest

•   Effective and efficient use of renewable energy

Example Incentive and Savings*


Sleek. Simple. Sustainable.

sonnenCore Homeowner MSRP

$  9,500

 Estimated Incentive Tax Credit for battery

($ 2,470)

Wattsmart Battery Incentive (upfront + participation)

($ 3,096)

Estimated sonnenCore Net Cost

$  3,934

 Estimated Savings

All sonnen Battery Products Qualify

In addition to the sonnenCore, the eco and ecoLinx family of scalable home batteries are eligible 

for the Wattsmart Battery Program. You can customize the battery sizes to meet the needs of each 

project. See below for more details on the incentives applicable for each new sonnen battery system.

Upfront incentive is for new batteries only and based on $600 per kW (based on 4-year commitment) 

+ an annual electricity bill reduction of $15 per kW (based on annual payments in years 2-4) of 

program participation in the Wattsmart Battery Program. If you participate beyond the 4-year 

minimum commitment term, you may earn an increased participation incentive of up to $50 per kW 

beginning with your fifth year of participation. Incentive terms and conditions are available from 

Rocky Mountain Power. Please ask your contractor to confirm program eligibility and available 

incentives based on your system. The example above uses a 26% Incentive Tax Credit for 2021 and 

actual battery prices may vary.

Lifetime energy throughput varies based on system size and capacity. Numbers shown are based on 

20kWh capacity products.

Integrating with automation platforms to create Energy Automation with ecoLinx may require the 

purchase of additional equipment. Available

features and functionality may vary based on the chosen automation platform.