Custom Hero Banner

With about 35,000 monthly visitors, the Codale hero banner section is a great way to be front and center in front of a huge audience. Use this home page banner to promote a new product, service or put out a brand message. We can link this banner to a specific product, a product category or to a custom built landing page to better promote your brand or product line.

Custom Landing Page


A custom landing page on our website is one of the most valuable tools in the digital marketing space. We're better able to promote your brands message through a full custom built page. These pages can be used to highlight key components to your brand such as quality, durability, new technology and product lines. We can include everything from images and copy to videos and products lists. 

Email Segment

Email segments are useful spaces to promote and remind customers about available products. With about 140,000 products on our website its easy to forget about an item that you would have purchased if it was in front of you. Use these segments to remind customers about quick buy items or products that will make their job site more efficient. 

Full Brand Email


Have a big product launch or need a big reminder about your companies brand? Use a full page email to capture the complete attention of our customers. These emails are solely for your brand and products so there is no distraction from your message. These work great when used in addition to a custom landing pages that promote your product lines. 

TV Counter Ads

All of our 14 branches have TV's playing video in any of our waiting areas. These videos play in a loop all day long. Get your brand and products in front of customers while they're in our building. 

Codale Connect Internal Marketing Video Spotlight

Codale Connect is our internal marketing video series. We put these out on a quarterly basis to inform everyone at Codale about new happenings within the company. This is a great place to add in training or product details that you want to go directly to our internal sales and staff teams.

Social Media Post

Our social media outlets are work really well to push our fast and efficient messaging to our followers. These are great reminders for available products, new offerings and brand awareness. Our posts go out through Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter and videos through YouTube.

Digital Ads Campaign

Digital ads are one of the best ways to bring in new customers. We're able to directly advertise to potential customers that are purchasing from your competition. With very defined ad sets and targeting we can put you product and message out in front of customers with the most potential. These ads will route directly to a product page or landing page on the Codale website.