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Account Dashboard

When you log in to the Codale’s website, the first thing you’ll see is your Account Dashboard. This highly customizable page provides you with a high-level overview of what’s most important to you based on your job and your preferences.  You can have up to 8 widgets if you want, it is just up to you to figure out what widgets you want to see and use quickly!


Codale’s Order Calendar is a unique tool that helps you keep track of quotes, shipments, delays, and invoices. By automatically organizing your orders visually, the digital calendar saves you and your company’s users countless hours, streamlines communication, and most of all, keeps you organized. 

Material Release

Codale’s revolutionary material release procedure allows for digital release of items off a blanket purchase order. This accessible and intuitive process eliminates hours wasted waiting on approvals and price confirmations. 

Orders and Quotes

Our Orders and Quotes page is a searchable archive of every order you’ve placed as well as recent quotes you’ve requested from Codale. Whether you need to review the details of a recent quote or look at an invoiced order from two years ago, our searching, sorting and filtering tools will ensure you find the information you’re looking for.

Product Groups

Codale's product groups are lists of different products, grouped under a single heading, that can be easily added to your online shopping cart from a single page.  Product groups enable near-instant ordering of the materials you regularly purchase and they're fast and easy to create.

Import Orders

Import Order allows you to skip the process of adding products into your shopping cart by simply uploading an Excel or CSV file. Plan and organize your orders offline, upload the spreadsheet including the quantity and product description, and then your order is ready to submit. 

Frequently Purchased Products

Frequently Purchased Products module displays every product a customer has bought from Codale over the last year, whether it was ordered online or off. This spares users from having to re-find and re-add the products they need by paring down Codale’s expansive catalog into something much more manageable and directly relevant to each user.

JM - Digital Job Center

Supervising any construction job requires a great deal of attention, and the complexities of lighting jobs demand comprehensive oversight. So, at Codale we designed the “Digital Job Center” module on our website to offer you one centralized location to access everything you need for your lighting jobs.

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