Welcome to the all new Codale Rewards program!

This program rewards your company for purchases and continued growth with Codale Electric Supply.

You must enroll to start earning Codale Rewards Points automatically with every purchase.

Codale Rewards is an exclusive, invite-only program for Codale customers

to show appreciation and encourage continued growth together.

Thank You To Our Loyal Customers

We're proud to provide our customers the best products and service since 1975. Now we're adding a rewards program to thank you all for shopping with us. We've added great rewards from gift cards to popular stores to sporting events and concert tickets

Grow With Codale Rewards

Grow your business with Codale! On top of the 1 point per dollar we're giving 3 points per dollar on all sales after you hit your growth goal.   After you hit your growth goal watch the points roll in! Enjoy more points and more rewards.

How It Works

1. Sign Up Your Company

2. Employees Make Purchases

3. Earn Points For The Company

4. Spend Points On Rewards!

Earning Points

Earn 1 Reward Point Per Dollar Up To Your Goal

Earn 3 Reward Points Per Dollar After Your Growth Goal Is Hit

Earn 2x Reward Points When You Shop Online

Earn Bonus Points On Featured Products


Gift Cards

Event Tickets


Not a Codale Rewards Member? 

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Log in and spend points at our Codale Rewards website.


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