MicroTrenching is available at select Codale locations. We offer placement of MicroDuct pathways into the utility space with minimal impact on existing infrastructure. The process consists of a 5 phase approach. We're able to provide new conduit pathways in many applications where not traditionally possible. Our most common applications are

  • FTTH
  • Long Haul
  • Back Haul
  • Smart Cities
  • DAS Antenna Installations

1. Planning Phase

Determine the route, depth, and restoration method.

2. Trenching Phase

Codale provides reputable equipment and operator for execution. 

3. Pathway Phase

Clearing pathways and establish duct routes inside of the new trenches.

4. Restoration Phase

Choose reinstatement materials to create a reliable restored environment.

5. Fiber Placing Phase

After the conduit pathway has been put in place and the restoration is finished fiber can be installed into the pathways.