Codale's dedication to training goes back many years. The primary goals of our training programs are to improve our customers' ability to use our products effectively, to introduce new products and their uses, and to familiarize our customers with products they may not know about. To this end, we offer training courses in all our product lines and areas. Working with our manufacturers' representatives, we have designed a wide range of courses to suit your needs.

If you don't see a training course in an area you and/or your company would like, please let us know via an e-mail to

Training Costs
Some Codale training courses are offered for free, some can cost $1,000 or more. Fees can be paid with your company credit card or billed to your company's account.

Fees for our courses cover expenses for manuals, computer equipment and meals/refreshments offered during the course. If you have questions about fees, contact the course instructor directly or e-mail us at

Course Schedules
Many of our training courses are available on an as-requested basis. Allen-Bradley/Rockwell Software courses are offered several times each year for each course, for a total of ten courses during the year. Please contact our High Tech Department for scheduling,

If you have a large group of employees at your company who would benefit from one our training courses, please contact us and we can schedule the course at your location.

Available Training Courses

  • Automation
  • Lighting
  • Safety
  • Data & Communications
  • Various Other