Save time and money with Codale

At Codale we are dedicated to providing you, our customers, with the best products, services, and solutions. So, based on your feedback we have created 5 digital platforms designed to make your business run smoothly and easily. Take advantage of any of these platforms and learn how you can use technology as a competitive advantage — to save time, money, and empower your company.

5 Digital Platforms - Go Digital!

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  • Creating bids and orders are seamless and easy
  • Under your account you can view pricing and inventory
  • Track live orders and get picture confirmations of deliveries
  • Find and reorder products easily with frequently purchased items tab
  • Manage orders – by scheduling and releasing your own products anytime
  • Manage Jobs – Digital Job Center helps YOU see everything when it comes to managing all your bigger projects.
  • Much More!

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> Overall View of our Website
> Blanket, Materials Release
> Account Dashboard
> Order Calendar
> Orders and Quotes
> Product Groups
> Frequently Purchased Products
> Import Orders
> Digital Job Center (Job Management)


  • See original quantities requested, amount used and remaining, and branch inventory 
  • No more calling your sales rep for updates on quantity usage and shipping status
  • Plan releases in advance to get the material you need when you need it


  • Makes it easy to shop on-the-go using the same great features as our desktop site
  • Look up inventory and pricing within seconds
  • Create bids and orders all in the palm of your hands.r
  • Send a bid or order anytime to your Codale sales representative


  • This could be the easiest and fastest way to submit orders.
  • Simply email a datasheet like a PO, and we can get your order or bid started and sent directly to your Codale sales representative.
  • Minimizing the chance of any data entry error and quickly starting your order or bids.
  • Let us look at your PO datasheets and see if this would be a good fit for you!

VMI (Vendor Management Inventory)

  • Makes managing inventory fast and easy.
  • Insures you to have all your “stock” items ready and available when needed.
  • Simply use your phone and scan the barcodes that Codale can create for you!
  • Once scanned Codale can quickly create and fulfill orders.
  • Ask about our C-Carts or simply use your own shelf space – let us know!

VMI - Scan, Submit and Receive!

EDI (Electronic Data Interchange)

  • Creates a fast and easy partnership between buyer and vendor.
  • Allows the customers system to “talk” with Codale’s system.
  • Orders can be generated without ever leaving your own system or dashboard.


  • We are here to help you find any digital solution that will help your business and make your life easier
  • Help troubleshoot any digital issue
  • Contact us at