Codale Electric’s products and services are aligned to serve the aerospace industry’s unique requirements. We can help you provide flexible solutions that allow you to be an industry leader by reducing your time to market, increasing your uptime and ensuring that you adhere to regulatory compliance.



Codale Electric is a leading electrical supplier to the amusement park/ride industry. This unique and complex market requires expertise that few companies possess. Codale happens to be one of these companies—our Automation Group has worked in this industry for many years and has developed the expertise to maximize performance and creativity while maintaining the rigorous safety requirements of this industry.


Codale can assist companies in the manufacturing industry with a range of products and solutions designed to improve your operation at every point. We can help you deploy flexible manufacturing strategies so you can produce multiple products on a single line, allowing you to quickly respond to changing market demands and lower your total costs.



Through Codale’s mining industry knowledge and extensive product lines, we can help increase production rates for everything from ore extraction and conveyance to refining. We accomplish this by integrating information and automation, helping you increase uptime and optimize energy consumption and material flow, allowing you to maximize your total profitability.


Oil & Gas

With proven expertise in the oil and gas industry, Codale Electric Supply helps companies improve productivity, energy efficiencies and safety. We can help you meet increasingly demanding delivery schedules and reduce operating and maintenance costs, while ensuring compliance with environmental regulations and operational security.


Water/Waste Water

Codale serves this unique industry with products and solutions designed to reduce engineering time, cut installation costs and lower ongoing maintenance costs—all while getting you the information you need, when you need it. Our proven industry expertise means you will employ products and services that comply with ever increasing industry requirements, and that produce real energy savings and greater control so you can demonstrate payback and minimize risk to your served market.


Codale Electric delivers all the maintenance, repair, and operations (MRO) products and services you need, when and where you need them. Our goal is to help you reduce your vendor base, increase productivity, minimize downtime and lower your total overall costs.



By utilizing Codale Electric’s OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturing) products and services, you can lower your total cost to design, develop and deliver goods, while improving your time to market. You will be better equipped to react quickly to change, increasing profits and attracting new customers with high-performance, innovative machines.